10 Best Grammar and Punctuation Apps

Grammar and Punctuation Apps

Grammar and punctuation are the soul of any text, if one of them is wrong, the meaning of your entire text will be ruined. You can easily find a sentence check app, it will be useful for checking all the problems of a sentence. You can find different other apps for different purposes. Some are for the grammar check, while others are for spelling check. The punctuation apps are also available, to help students and writers. No matter which app you choose but it should be reliable and must be able to provide promised results. Usually, such apps promise a lot, but the results are not promising. A careful choice can save your time and efforts, both.

Punctuation Today: Influence of Text Messages

We have plenty of grammar and punctuation apps these days. But many people think that punctuation is no more important. Text messages are written in slang language and no one cares about the punctuation. Short forms of words are used, which make the text unreadable for the majority of the people. Words of other languages are mixed together, and the result is a lot of grammatical and spelling errors. The situation is getting worse with the excess use of social media and other interactive websites. Use of such language is not limited to young people only but elderly and mature people write the same kind of text messages to look younger and save their time.

Do We Still Need Punctuation?

The wide use of apps for grammar and punctuation reflect that we still need punctuation. We can use short word forms when texting to friends and family members, but a message can be easily misunderstood if it is not properly punctuated. You need to punctuate your academic documents, like thesis and assignments, otherwise, they will get rejected. You cannot take the risk to submit important documents like resume and personal statement without punctuation, because it will reduce your chances to get a job or admission to zero. Moreover, punctuation is important for all kinds of official communication, because you cannot take the risk of being misunderstood. So, best punctuation apps for high school students are not only useful for them, but they are for everyone.

Punctuation Checking: Why It’s Not a Good Choice?

We all understand that punctuation checking is important and requires your attention. Some people prefer to check it manually. But, now a day, manual checking is not the right choice. Because it takes a lot of time and the results are not really good. You miss many errors because you may not be a punctuation expert and may have no idea about all the punctuation rules. Secondly, the chances of human error are always there. Moreover, you may catch a mistake, but it will be difficult for you to correct it. So, grammar and punctuation checker apps are widely used. They save a lot of your time and effort. They catch all kind of mistakes in your text and provide correction options as well. Instead of wasting your precious time on punctuation checking, use a reliable app and get quality results.

spelling grammar and punctuation apps

Online Grammar Checker: Solution for Everyone

Correct punctuation apps are versatile, so they are useful for everyone, no matter how you are related to content creation. Students can use these apps to correct their daily papers like assignments, essays, and presentation content. They are equally useful for more important documents like thesis, dissertation, capstone projects, and term papers. The writer can also take advantage of these apps. Articles, which are ready to be published in newspapers and drafts of books, everything can be checked with these apps. Similarly, bloggers can also use auto punctuation apps to check the content before uploading. So, these apps are useful for everyone, no matter if you are an occasional writer or writing is part of your job. Use these apps and forget punctuation and grammar mistakes.

10 Best grammar and punctuation apps in 2019

A number of apps are available online which makes very difficult to choose the right one. Here we have collected a list of 10 best grammar and punctuation apps in 2019, you can choose one according to your requirements.

  1. Basic English Grammar: As the name suggests, this app is for basic English learning. You can get basic English learning lessons here. It also offers some tests, to check your present knowledge about grammar. Basic English grammar also has a translator and can be used for more than 100 languages. The basic features of the app are free, for the pro version you will be paying $1.49.
  2. English Grammar in Use: Raymond Murphy is a well-known name when it comes to grammar. He has developed this app with lessons and activities, which are useful for grammar learners. The basic version is free but the premium version is very expensive.
  3. English Grammar Book: It is an old app for grammar learners. You can get lessons on more than 130 grammar rules. It helps to improve grammar by using explanations, examples, and activities. You can keep a record of your score. It is also a free app, but you have to pay for the premium version.
  4. English Grammar Test: It is a popular app, which is available for free. It contains more than 1,000 exercises, which are divided according to the skill level. You can save the record of your progress.  It is a free app, but ads are annoying.
  5. Grammarly: It is a punctuation checker free online no download app. The most popular feature of this app is autocorrect. Rumors are there that some bugs are attached to it and it does not allow the use of gestures. There are no ads in the app, but the premium version is paid.
  6. Merriam – Webster Dictionary: Dictionary apps are also very useful. The free version of this app contains a lot of material for users like the definition of words, their pronunciation, and examples. It also has a voice search feature. If you are interested in the paid version, you will complete the thesaurus having 200,000 words.
  7. Oxford Grammar and Punctuation: This app offers more than 250 grammar and punctuation rules. You can get a large number of lessons and examples here, which can help you to learn grammar rules.
  8. Udemy: It is a popular educational app, which is also helpful for grammar lessons. You can find a variety of videos on various topics. Some are free while others have different prices. You can enroll in the course for grammar improvement.
  9. Ginger: It is a popular app, which is useful for grammar and punctuation both. It checks grammar and spelling in the right context. It helps to improve writing skills and one of the best punctuation checkers free online no download.
  10. Whitesmoke: It is another useful tool for grammar and punctuation checking. It not only highlights the mistakes but also explains why it is incorrect. However, you have to pay $14.95/ month to access the full version.

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What it holds for the users?

It is not only punctuation editor software, but also provides a variety of features. If you will use this app, it will work in many dimensions.

  • It will check your punctuation and you will forget about the comma placement checker apps, as it will check all punctuation errors.
  • It will check your grammar according to the context.
  • It will also consider your vocabulary and offer you a better alternative of the words.
  • It is not only a punctuation tester but it will also check your spelling mistakes and correct the misused words as well.
  • Beside grammatical errors, it will check your content for plagiarism as well.

You may consider using Google correction, but this is an ideal app to fulfill all your writing needs.

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